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Blanský les / Blansky Woods

Blanský les / Blansky Woods

For those who like nature, we recommend a trip to the protected landscape area Blanský les (Blansky Woods) with the highest peak in the area, Klet. On the top of Klet (1.083 m n. m., 18 km far from České Budějovice) where you can get by chair lift, you'll find the newly reconstructed oldest stone observatory in Bohemia with a beautiful view of Lipno, Šumava and on a clear day you can also see the Alps. On the way you can also visit the ruin of the former castle Dívčí kámen (Maiden Stone) one of the best preserved medieval monuments in the country, or the remains of the Celtic settlement in Třísov.
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A charming experience for you might be a trip to Holašovice, 14 kilometres away from České Budějovice (in the northern periphery of Blanský les), a village that represents the best preserved and unique testimony of the South Bohemian rural architecture often called “folk Baroque”. Holašovice village is recorded in the List of the world cultural and natural heritage UNESCO. You will surely be fascinated by the pure style of the local houses. There aren't any modern buildings on the village square, the majority of country houses also preserve the inner disposition of the courtyard even if some of their parts (barns, sheds) have changed their function and are used as garages or restaurants. A specific sign of the Holašovice style are the portals above the gates and stucco decoration. Holašovice is situated below the edge of Blanský les, from where there is a beautiful view of the Hluboká marshes. In the close surroundings, there are many picturesque villages with beautiful displays of style architecture (Dobčice, Lipanovice, Záboří...).


12 km   Hluboká nad Vltavou


24 km   Třeboňsko

25 km   Český Krumlov

35 km   Novohradsko

35 km   Šumava Mountains / Bohemian Forest